Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So after a couple weeks of deliberating on what the term "shelter" means to me, I began deconstructing some found ladders I acquired. The process of deconstructing these objects became my form of shelter, it has always been an attraction of mine to take things apart.

  The choice to use the ladder came from my innate attraction to the objects many uses. Eventually the ladders began to take shape in the form of a shell, a reference to the outer shelter that a crab uses to protect oneself. I liked the idea of these ladders coming together to create another inner form, a shape within oneself. They also need one another to support each other, the ladders took on their own persona eventually when fused together. I especially appreciate the way they activate one another. It is my hope that the viewer will visually engage with the object as I have and conjure up their own meaning within the formal qualities present.

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