Friday, February 11, 2011


Im currently working through the process of deconstructing older wooden ladders with the intention to reconfigure them in a more abstract fashion. It is my intention to transform the iconic wooden ladder into something that hopefully provokes the viewer to conjure up associations within themselves in regards to this domestic household object. For me the ladder has always been a continual source of loaded content within the home environment, growing up there was always a need for the ladder and its obvious nature as a tool to gain perspective. Whether that perspective be; to fish a kite from the tree, get onto the roof of a house, hop the neighbors fence, collect something put out of reach intentionally by adults, spy on the next door neighbor, painting the ceiling, repairing the home etc. To me the ladder has become a sense of shelter for the mind, it creates a pathway to the intangible nature of physical and non physical elements. More to come...


  1. I now see the need for me to reconnect with the garage sale/thrift store side of me, and find some old ladders. Also, people can't leave comments if they are don't have a google, twitter, or yahoo account for blogs. As soon as I signed on with google, I was able to leave this comment.

  2. check this out. this guys work is pretty good. this is a step ladder constructed with each step 3 inches further apart than a normal ladder.