Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Semesters end


I like thinking of this work as something that happened to a handrail by his own accord. He seems to have given up on his surroundings, the lack of his own stability has given him freedom to take over a different space.

Semesters end

After another long haul of a semester the dust has finally settled and I am ready to reflect a bit on the outcome. I set out early in the month of September on a piece that took pretty much the duration of the semester. I was interested in creating a work that defied the idea of the ascending/ descending nature of a stairwell based on changing the ordinary formal language of a banister handrail. 

Some crude cauls I used for a series of glue ups.

This particular technique for joinery gave me the freedom for error in glue up as well as a room for grain movement. 

A zillion passes later the form began to take shape.