Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pico de Gallo

My oldest roommates have recently been relocated to the back 40 due to their negligent manners of cleaning up behind themselves. From the beginning I gave the little birds free range on the more pristine part of backyard, this was primarily to keep them safe from other winged predators. I have a few shade sails set up and a pretty solid fence that keeps most intruders out, or at least it acts as an obstacle until the chicks realize what is happening. I had the sad misfortune of loosing on of my favorite chicks early on, Bernadette Rosebud was picked off by what I assumed was a hawk. She tended to be the one chick that was always by herself, leading the way and not really giving two shits what the others were doing. Ultimately, I believe this is what got her in the end. So a good moral to this story is use the buddy system, always... My remaining 3 chicks, Opera, Gail, and Blanch are the inseparable lezbo sisters that have made it to young adulthood. Watching them grow has been better than any T.V. one might need to survive. But the time has finally come to reclaim my precious lawn back, since the grass needs only so much fertilizer... Not to mention ever time I made my way into the back yard I would return to the house with wet chicken shit somewhere on my sandal. (Gross) It got to the point one day where I finally flipped my lid when I noticed how carless they were with my struggling Plumeria plants in pots. Something had to be done. I gathered enough scrap wood to throw together a make shift coop that I scabbed onto an already dilapidated shed on the property. The environment was a little less than what the chicken where use to, but premium compared to what most chickens get. Either way they looked at me with the, "really, what the fuck is this?!" expression that I have seen chicken give me more than once. I explained to them that it was just time to move on, no hard feeling but every bird needs to fly from the nest at some point. I promised them a larger area when I get around to it but until then this dorm will have to do. They looked back with no response. Typical. Since the eviction they have become a little more friendly with me, every morning I bring them fresh greens and grain to nosh on. They also have more time now to be with themselves as  am not stepping over them constantly. I will keep updating as the Pico de Gallo apartment goes through its renovation process. P.S. still waiting for eggs...

New digs, sparse but technically still free range
The Previous Playground
The "Look"