Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cassiopeia Dreams of Better Days

I thought I would post this quote by Mimi Frank who just recently had a show at the San Diego Art Department;  "The chair represents so many things to us.  We see it as a connection between people and the positions they occupy.  Chairs are place holders. Chairs are settings where we expect to see someone relaxing, resting, thinking, and working.  They imply humanity. We anthropomorphize them.  We make them.  We break them.  We use them in weddings.  They are symbols of authority.  Coronations occur in them and the powerful rule from them.  We can chair an event, or we can “lose our seat”.  We populate chairs with our own meaning and fill them with our own human activity.  When we see several chairs together, we see them in conversation.   Chairs are laden with our own symbolic language.  These chairs tell us a little about Cassiopeia and her regrets, but they are really about our relationships with each other."

The show depicted the chair form reinterpreted in many different gestures using small bronze maquettes. I was especially intrigued by this show for its use of the chair and how playful Mimi could get such a strong material to look.

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