Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I knew it, they aren't just trash pickers M



  1. hey, thanks for posting that. Amertah was just telling me about a movie she saw about this. its pretty amazing. apparently there is a great documentary about this project.

  2. Crows are amazing but ever since I saw one murder a baby bird I decided that I hate 'em. I heard this screeching noise and it was a baby bird screaming because a crow was slamming it against a rock to try to kill it, and then I saw it fly up and saw him rip the poor thing in pieces - legs, feathers, the head, etc was being flung into the air. My sister saw them swoop down and take two baby hummingbirds out of their nest and gulped them down. It was doubly traumatizing because Laurie watched these baby hummingbirds growing up outside her kitchen window. Hate those crows.